Nest Egg Blues 081207

So I put together a site for my music at but there’s things that I’m involved in that aren’t exactly finished but still noteworthy. I connected with David Barnes at through craigslist (turns out we were actually reconnecting having met earlier in life, small world) and we had our first jam session recorded as Nest Egg Blues back on 7dec08. So we had two Davids and an Eric on this session:

Track 01: Couldn’t get the didj happening very well so skipping it

Track 02: Excerpted from 3:24 to end

Track 03: Dragged on a bit so skipping it.

Track 04: A good energy rock jam, but not exactly tight. Skipping this too.

Track 05: This one’s was pretty good, here’s an extract from about 2:10-6:30

Track 06: Groovy. Extract from about 1:00-5:30

Track 07: Chill. Extract from 2:37-8:43

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