Alternate Justice System 090208

2D+E group again, and a good one this time. Tough to find excerpts that don’t leave something really good out. Here’s what I came up with:

Track01: Good one for morning or late night chill. Goes on for a while but 7 minutes is probably enough. Lost a few nice things but it’s just too long.

Track02A: Knife bass intro. Zoolookish chill. Cut it off around 4:27

Track02B: Mega chill groove from 9:22 to end. Worth it.

Track03: Apocalyptic movie theme. 4:53 to end.

Track04: Yes, cowbell. Here’s the first 6:45 or so.

Track05: Kind of an underwater pile driver thing. First 1:04 spliced into 9:06 to the end. The middle was ok, but 12 minutes was long.

Track06: Unplugged! Not perfect and quite long, but hard to cut this down to less than 15 minutes without missing a bunch of cool interactions. Since that’s what’s important, here’s 0-1:54, 5:18-10:24, 11:44-19:56. So the beginning, some of the middle and most of the end.


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