After a decade or so off, a rock jam

Jam with David Savary on guitar/voc and Matt on drums. Very rock, and much more enjoyable than I expected. Post rock?

track01: First time ever playing together, making it up as we go. I literally played two bars of the bassline, then we went for it.

track02: Starting from the guitar this time. I like what we came up with even if there might have been a few questionable notes. I seriously haven’t played anything like this in a decade at least.

track03: Again, two bars of bass omitted, but that’s it. A bit more space in this one. Like it. Fun making up bridges as we go along. And taking it out for a spin. Long jam and loses cohesion a little bit in there, but this is a process not a finished presentation. I actually would have liked to have let it fall apart even more completely if it was going to, if we play a bit more we’ll probably get more comfortable letting it crash and then picking it back up. We kick back in pretty well although we get a bit rambling after that.

track04: Somebody mentioned Morphine at some point, don’t know if it was before or after this jam. Cool feel though.

track05: Pardon the missing beginning, forgot to press the record button after we came back from a break. Glad I remembered even if I missed the first part of this. I don’t know how we ended up talking about terminal velocity of free fall. This just rocks.

track06: Nice atmosphere on this one. Piecing things together as a group.

track07: The first two minutes are a demonstration of figuring out something that isn’t going to work. Included that just to show that not everything worked out immediately. Then we hit the reset button and it sounded pretty awesome IMHO. You can tell where the volume changes a lot and the recorder adusts the eq to match. Use your imagination to pretend it gets lots quieter in spots.


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