June 28, 2009 jam

Notes from 28jun09 jam with Dave Savary and Matt Durso at the Sound
Museum 155 North Beacon St Brighton. Not much ventilation, but
overall I think the sweatbox approach was inspirational. Vocals
didn’t make it through very well. Perhaps next time I’ll put the
recorder somewhere not directly in front of the bass amp. Like maybe
by the door, closer to the PA. Maybe then it won’t be bouncing up
and down and recording the rattling ashtray/beercan whatever that was
next to it…

rocks hard. good development and starting to get some really nice

rocks equally hard. Good development and dynamics. Recorder has some
automatic level setting which makes this hard to hear, but it was
definitely there.

more line composition so a bit slower to start. Actually like the
idea of turning this upside down occasionally if we do anything
similar to this again. Could edit to start at 2:05 or so.

Nice experimentation. Good change of pace. Really nice playing with
space. High level playing for a second jam.

Starting to get some pretty good subdivision on this. This group has
some good natural ability to pick up stuff quick. Meanders a wee bit
towards the end but some good ideas actually.

I thought we had more than that, but there’s no more on the recording.
I’m hoping it didn’t automatically shut off or something. I’ll try to
remember to check it whenever we come back from a break.


One Response to “June 28, 2009 jam”

  1. dave c. Says:

    Hi Eric,

    good to see you’re still musically active

    hope all’s going well w/ you these days

    -one of the 2ds in 2D+E

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