Live From The Uncanny Valley

Eventually Slimpocket started to make some recordings, but publishing wasn’t that high a priority. Ultimately I became part of the revolving band personnel and moved back to Honolulu. While creating more material with rreplay, Rich pushed for making some forward progress on releasing some of our collected material. This culminated in the release of our second album amusingly and appropriately entitled “Live From The Uncanny Valley”. The title actually led to some interesting release processes with CD Baby deciding every track should have “live” appended to it in parentheses. There just isn’t much automatic infrastructure set up for improvisational electronica it would seem. In any case, you can get access to the album at cdbaby or amazon

Of course if the first album “rrepertoire” is somehow missing from your collection, you can still obtain a copy of that from cdbaby or amazon also.


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